Carter AFB Metering Rods & Jets

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I get a lot of questions about the AFB and how the jets and metering rods are related, so here we go. The AFB, 4 barrel carburetor has 4 jets. Two matching primary and two matching secondaries. The Weber marine … Continued

Stromberg WW Throttle Body

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Stromberg WW carburetors are notorious  for having worn throttle shafts. Unfortunately unlike most carburetors, the WW wears out the shaft instead of the throttle body.  As I mentioned, most carburetors wear the throttle body and while not a simple process, … Continued

Holley 1931 Carburetor

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The Holley 1931 carburetor is a one barrel downflow type of carburetor. The carburetor is a one piece main body and throttle body casting. The 1969 model had limiter caps installed over the idle mixture screws so that they weren’t … Continued

Holley 1904 Carburetor

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The Holley 1904 is a 1 barrel, downdraft carburetor and has three basic parts, the main body, throttle body and the float bowl. The main body includes the metering block, float and the economizer. The float bowl mounts on the front of the … Continued