Autolite 4100 Secondary Circuit

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The secondary throttle plates are operated by the secondary diaphragm using vacuum. As the primary throttle valves are opened the vacuum at the venturi increases. When vacuum reaches a certain point the secondary operating diaphragm kicks in. There is a … Continued

Electric Choke Conversion Kits

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We recently started to add several electric choke conversion kits. These kits include everything you need to convert your current hot air choke to an electric choke. Thermostat, wiring and step by step instructions. Some of these conversion kits have … Continued

Hot Idle Compensator

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The Hot Idle Compensator is used on some carburetors to offset enriching effects caused by percolation during hot operation. Generally used on vehicles with air conditioning. When the engine is running hot and then stopped, the fuel can boil or … Continued

Fuel Injection Cleaning Service

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If you’re experiencing a rough idle, a hesitation under acceleration, poor starting or declining gas mileage it’s possible your fuel injectors are dirty. You could try fuel additive cleaners but they’re marginally effective at best. The only way to return … Continued