Originally the Holley 94 (as they are commonly called) was made by the Chandler Grove company for the 1938 Ford. Soon after that Ford contracted Holley to produce the 1 barrel carburetor which lasted until 1957. The Ford carburetor type for the 94 was AA-1.We still see some of the 94’s with the Chandler Grove name on the carburetor. The earliest 94’s made by Holley had Ford stamped into the carburetor. Later models may have 94 stamped. Holley made many replacement carburetors for the 94 including the 2100 and 2110 carburetor.The Chandler Grove, AA-1, 94, 2100 & 2110 designated carburetors are for the most part synonymous and use the same carburetor kit with the exception of a few carburetor numbers. Be sure to match your carburetor with the correct kit.For dual, or tripple carburetor setups be sure to match the carburetors. The Holley 94 uses a power valve, which normally runs at 7.6″. When running 2 or 3 carburetors you will need to reduce the size, or you will get too much gas at power.

Holley 94 AA-1 2100 Carburetor Catalog

Holley 94, AA-1, 2100, 2110 Exploded View

Holley 94 Rebuild Instructions. Float Setting.

Diamond T Truck R-750A, R-759A Specifications – Includes the jet AA-1,2100, 2110 Exploded View

AA-1, 94, 2100, 2110 Instruction Sheet, Including Float Level & Other Adjustments

1956 Ford Truck R-1284AAS 2110-EE Specifications

Identification help for 3 of the carburetor numbers: R120-3AS, R402-AS, R483-AS

Check Ball

A check ball should be installed in the accelerator pump well.

Accelerator pump link adjustment.

The throttle shaft lever will generally have 3 holes, sometimes 4.The center hole is for the standard setting. As you go towards the float bowl you get richer and leaner as you go the other way. Adjust the setting to the best condition after driving the vehicle.

Power Valve Installation

Hold the float bowl and install the power valve up into the bowl so
that the gasket stays centered on the valve.

Idle Mixture Adjustment

After the carburetor is installed on the vehicle. Warm the engine to
normal operation temperature. Make sure the idle screw is resting on the lowest part of the fast idle cam. Set the idle to the manufactures specifications. Turn the idle mixture screw out (counter clockwise) as far as possible without killing the engine. Adjust each idle screw by turning in 1/4 of a turn at a time, then wait for a second while the engine catches up. Do this until you get the best idle rpm. Both screws should be close to the same number of turns out. This indicates a good idle mixture balance between the two barrels. Keep in mind that you want to set the idle mixture while the throttle is closed as far a possible so that the fuel is being drawn from the idle circuit.

Watch a video about rebuilding the Holley 97. Part 1

Watch a video on disassembling and rebuilding a Holley 94 Carburetor

Interchangeable Parts Between Carburetor

Numbers Parts for the R-1157-1A & R-1157A are interchangeable.R-1158A – R-1157A All except the throttle body.

R-1158-1A – R-1157A All except the throttle body.

R-1284AAS – R-1157A All except the throttle body and the float bowl.

The Holley R-713 AAS was used as a replacement that fit all 1934-53 8
cyl fords & 1939-48 Mercury’s.

Holley 94