Motorcraft Carburetor Chokes

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The electric choke system, shown, is an aid in reducing vehicle exhaust emissions by matching choke operation to engine requirements throughout a wider range of conditions. The electric choke consists of an ambient temperature sensing control switch connected in series … Continued

Buying a Carburetor Kit

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When finding the right carburetor kit for your carburetor, it is important not to rely on the vehicle application, but to use the carburetor number. It is easy for someone to sell you any kit that is close, but they … Continued

Mike’s Carburetor

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Welcome to Mike’s blog. I hope you find my articles helpful as well as informative. I welcome comments on any of my articles. You might also want to sign up for my email notification so that you are notified any … Continued

>Carburetor Dashpot

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> The carburetor dashpot is used to cushion the closing of the throttle. It basically allows the automatic transmission and the engine to catch up to a sudden closing of the throttle. This particular carburetor part has not been produced … Continued

Holley 4000 Spark Control

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Holley 4000 Holley 4000 Instruction Sheets Holley 4000 Visual Instruction Manual Holley 4000 1955 Newsletter What Does The Spark Control Valve Do? The spark control valve in the passage from the throttle bore provides an efficient degree of spark advance during … Continued

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