Holley 1940 Float

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The Holley 1940 carburetor originally used a Nitropyl type of float and because they tend to absorb fuel over time, we recommend that they be replaced at each carburetor rebuild. Once a Nitrophyl float has absorbed fuel it will become … Continued

Why the Tucker Was “The Car of Tomorrow”

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The Reason Why the Tucker Was “The Car of Tomorrow” It’s sad to see great ideas suddenly coming to a sudden death due to different political, economic or financial issues. While our free world tends to believe everyone should be … Continued

Route 66

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Like an elegant actress in her senior years, Route 66 is an institution, a collection of fond memories, and a valued piece of Americana. While the highway number has been decommissioned and alternate route choices are abundant, much of the … Continued

Carter Thermoquad

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Throughout the 1970s and early 80s, the Carter Thermoquad (TQ) was a popular carburetor found on many Chrysler products as standard equipment, and on some Ford Motor Company vehicles, as well. The earliest version was in the Competition Series first … Continued


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Floats perform an important function in maintaining the correct level of fuel in the float bowl by opening and closing an internal inlet valve. If the float develops a leak, it will sink below its ideal level and excess fuel … Continued

Mustang You Gotta Love

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Here is an interesting story from one of my customers. We were discussing some of the problems he was having with his Motorcraft 4300 and shared his story with me. These 4300s did run for some people, at least a … Continued

Mobile Responsive Web Store

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Six months ago our statistics showed that only 1% of our web site users were using mobile devices to view the site. This includes devices like smart phones and ipads. At the time I decided it wasn’t enough to get excited … Continued

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