Rochester 2 Jet Loses Power

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Here is a question I got from one of my customers. My Rochester 2 jet Has a stumble when pulling away from a light or stop sign. I purchased a accelerator pump and power valve from you. I thoroughly cleaned … Continued

The Truth About NOS Carburetor Kits

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NOS, New Old Stock, which means a part has been sitting around for several years and may not be produced anymore. Some refer to NOS as new old original equipment parts, but NOS can also include non original aftermarket parts.

Marvel Schebler Jet Removal

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Customer question. Can you give me ideas on how to remove the main nozzle for a Marvel Schebler TSX-530 Type C carburetor?  According to the manuel it unscrews from the bottom.  I assume that the main jet and the nozzle … Continued

Photo Contest

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Mike’s Carburetor Parts is sponsoring a photo contest. Enter your ride and win some $$$.   Contest Information        

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