Adjusting the Carter YF Metering Rod

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YF Metering Rod Adjustment The adjustment below is for early Carter YF carburetors that don’t have an adjusting screw at the top of the metering rod. Most YFA carburetors would have the star type of adjusting screw. This adjustment is … Continued

Holley 1904 Accelerator Pump Adjustment

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            Adjusting the Accelerator Pump Stroke for Seasonal or Climatic Changes. Holley 1904 The accelerating pump stroke can be adjusted for seasonal or climatic changes by changing the position of the pump link in the … Continued

Autolite 1100 Choke Plate Rebuild

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These instructions illustrate how to disassemble and assemble the Autolite 1100 choke plate. It is important that the choke plate move freely, otherwise your choke will not operate as required and perhaps causing hard starting or rough running in cold … Continued

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