Mike’s Carburetor

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Welcome to Mike’s blog. I hope you find my articles helpful as well as informative. I welcome comments on any of my articles. You might also want to sign up for my email notification so that you are notified any … Continued

How Did Pontiac Get It’s Name?

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If you search for the name Pontiac on Wikipedia, the result shows you a now defunct car brand owned by American automaker General Motors, a city in the US state of Michigan and war leader of the Ottawa tribe during … Continued

Chevrolet 1911-1920

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With over a century of existence, Chevrolet is one of the better-known automaker brands around the world, with sales exceeding 2 million cars just in the United States. Chevrolet exists as a subsidiary of General Motors. Everything starts on November … Continued

Carburetor Choke Types

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We have 4 different carburetor choke types, Integral, Divorced, Electric & Electric Conversion. Each of these chokes are described below. You should know which type of carburetor choke you have, which will help you order the correct part. Intregal Choke … Continued

How a Choke Works Integral Type

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When the engine is cold a richer fuel mixture is needed. As it warms up the mixture must be leaned out. This is where the automatic choke circuit comes into play. Choke Thermostatic Coil The choke shaft extends through the … Continued

Motorcraft 4300 Power Piston

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The Motorcraft 4300, 4 barrel carburetor power piston is used to supply extra fuel when powering up. Motorcraft 4300 The power piston is made of brass (at least the piston itself is) and fits into the float bowl top. See … Continued

Gas Tank Fuel Gauge

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For most original gas tanks, the tank gauge unit is located in the gas tank. The tank contains a float that is attached to a resistance device similar to that used in an electric oil pressure sender. See the resistance … Continued

Tips on Removing Frozen Parts

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Over the years I have learned the hard way how to remove screws & bolts that are frozen. Using the techniques below I seldom need any specialty tools for removing screw, bolts & nuts. Here are some ideas that might … Continued

Stromberg WW Worn Throttle Shafts

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Stromberg Worn Throttle Shafts Stromberg WW carburetors are notorious  for having worn throttle shafts. Unfortunately unlike most carburetors, the WW wears out the shaft instead of the throttle body.  As I mentioned, most carburetors wear the throttle body and while not a simple process, re-bushing … Continued

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