Hot Idle Compensator

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The Hot Idle Compensator is used on some carburetors to offset enriching effects caused by percolation during hot operation. Generally used on vehicles with air conditioning. When the engine is running hot and then stopped, the fuel can boil or … Continued

Fuel Injection Cleaning Service

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If you’re experiencing a rough idle, a hesitation under acceleration, poor starting or declining gas mileage it’s possible your fuel injectors are dirty. You could try fuel additive cleaners but they’re marginally effective at best. The only way to return … Continued

Rochester 2 Jet Hesitation

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When you step on the throttle, the engine seems to bog down and in some cases die. A bad distributor advance can cause a hesitation when stepping on the gas, but we aren’t addressing that here. Stepping on the throttle … Continued

VW Fuel Injection

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By the mid 1960s, mechanical fuel injection had been successfully employed in Formula One and sports car endurance racing for more than a decade. But manufacturers were just beginning to install it on production cars. Volkswagen introduced it first in … Continued

Subaru Class Action

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A lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court in New Jersey against Subaru of America, Inc. (“Subaru”) and Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd. What is the suit about? The suit alleges that certain Subaru vehicles suffer from a design … Continued

Autolite 1 Barrel Accelerator Pump Action

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Accelerating Pump System Smooth acceleration requires a momentary increase in the supply of fuel. The air flow through the carburetor responds almost immediately to any increase in carburetor throttle valve opening. The fuel within the metering passages will lag momentarily … Continued

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