The AVS carburetor is often mistaken for an AFB carburetor. The AVS will not have secondary boosters and there will be a spring loaded air valve located on the top of the sceondary air horn. The AVS also uses a metering rod cover that is not flat like the
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I started to take apart a Carter AVS Carb  #6117s. Its off of a 1972 Chris Craft 350.    There are no metering rods were I expected them to be in fact the holes they would go thru appear to be blocked off? And there are no tapped holes for the metering rod covers.    Is there a chance that the Marine version of the AVS didn’t have them?  I am quite concerned about this being rebuild able at this point

I found out that the 6117S  was revised to 6117SA  and the metering rods were removed.  They found that the metering rods were chattering and that the difference between the metering rod engaged or not was only .003 so they put out a service bulletin to remove them.  My carb indeed does have the 6117SA stamp on it.