Sometimes referred to as the Ball & Ball carburetor.Watch a video about where to find the carburetor number.


Carter BB Carburetor Catalog.

Carter BB Carburetor Manual 1938 & Prior Also works for bbr1
Carter BB Carburetor Manual 1939 & Later

Dashpot Type of Carter BB
This picture illustrates where to find the carburetor number and also the difference between a carburetor with and without the dashpot. The dashpot type of carburetor usually was placed on vehicles with automatic transmissions. Can the dashpot type be disconnected, or replaced by a non dashpot type? This would not be recommended, but also depends on the type of transmission. If the transmission is a semi-automatic, then the car may stall when slowing or coming to a stop; that is what the dashpot prevents. Even when the dashpot solenoid is disconnected, you would still need the presence of the kickdown switch used with Fluid Drive, Hy-Drive — whatever — on that particular carburetor. If the tranny is manual, then it never had a dashpot or a kickdown switch to begin with and disconnecting it should do no harm. Don’t ask me why Chrysler determined that their system had to be electrical, because most dashpots used from the ’50s on up were passive. Perhaps it has to do with the semi-automatic (as opposed to fully-automatic) nature of their transmissions back then.
Here is a crossover list of dashpot carburetor and which dashpot they used.
Please note that this is only a list of what we now know about. Some could be missing.
628S 4060 64-74S
D6J1 4060 64-74S
D6M1 64-77S
D6P1 64-74S
D6P2 64-74S
DTL1 64-77S
DTL2 64-77S
E6N3 64-74S
E6S3 64-74S
E6T1 64-74S
E6T2 64-74S
E6U2R 64-74S
E6V1 64-77S
E6V2 64-77S
E6W1 64-74S
E6W1R 64-74S
E7A1 64-77S
E7J1 64-77S
E7J2 64-77S
E7J3 64-77S
E7J4 64-77S
E7L1 64-77S
E7L2 64-77S
E7L3 64-77S
E7L4 64-77S
E9A1 64-77S
E9N1 64-77S
E9B1 64-74S
E9T1 64-74S
E9U1 64-77S
E9V1 64-77S
EA1 64-74S
EB1 64-74S
EB1R 64-74S
EE1 64-74S
EG1 64-77S
EG2 64-77S
EV1 64-77S
EV2 64-77S
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