Carter BBS Carburetor


The Carter BBS carburetor is a 1 barrel downdraft carburetor used on:
Chrysler 1976-77
Desoto 1954-60
Dodge 1954-1971
Plymouth 1954-71
Chrysler Marine 1954-56

Carter BBS Carburetor Catalog

BBS Instructions

Free Carter BBS Manuals

1968-69 Dart & Valiant
4414S, 4601S, 4288S, 4111S, 4290S –
Especially good illustrations for carburetor adjustments.

Carter BBS Carburetor Identification

9 thoughts on “Carter BBS Carburetor

  1. I have a 1962 Dodge lancer wagon with a 225 slant 6 and a bbs carb 3239s and I am looking for main jets to lean… I have #120-263s Standard and I would like to find #120-267s and ##120-268s.. I would not mind finding a spair .027″ metering rod….

    Can you help me with this search or direct me in the right direction…

    I have a 1962 factory service manual that is a great source of info..

    Thank You for your time

  2. Hi Mike, I just ordered a few parts from you for my Carter BBS on my 1966 Plymouth Fury III with the 225 slant six. On the throttle body (base plate) there is a small factory hole (about 1/8″ diameter) that is open on this carburetor. On other carbs I’ve dealt with there would be a vacuum port inserted here but the distributor vacuum port on this one is up on the float bowl. Should I plug this hole (as it is drawing outside air into the barrel) or is it designed to be open? Also, what is the best way to get the check ball retainer in the bottom of the plnger well to stay put. In your video you’ve already done that part. Thanks, Dave

      • As far as the check ball goes, there is a cone looking piece that covers the check ball and hole. Use something with a hook in the end to pop it out. Work on it by prying around the circle until it pops out. Simply press it back in. Not sure if that piece comes in the kit.

  3. I have a Carter Ball&Ball carb # 3279s. I have watched both parts of your vidio but fail to pick up on the float adjustment for my double float carb and the accellerator pump adjustments. I assume that the one opening in the base flange to the manifold needs to have a gasket that opens it to the inside of the manifold. Please enlighten me on these points.

  4. I have a plymouth valiant v200 with a single barrel carter with no tag. i have no idea what model it is. i do believe its a bbs. my uncle also has a 63 valiant and his is different. it has the numbers 6-1695 on it if that helps. any help will be greatly appreciated.


    • You are going to have to do some homework before I can recommend anything. 1st figure out what carburetor is on it. I have a lot of videos for the different carburetors types. You need to watch some of them and see if your carburetor looks like it. If you have a carburetor tag on the carburetor, then put that number in our search box on our web site & click go. The correct kit will be displayed. Instead of repeating myself for the 100th time, please review the following article.

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