Carter W-0 Carburetor Catalog

Carter W-0 Carburetor Manual

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Carburetor Identification (when a tag is not present)

Using the casting number, found on the throttle body, can sometimes get you close enough to a carburetor number to get you the carburetor kit that you need.

Once you get the carburetor number, enter it into the search box and click GO.

Casting Number Carburetor Number Application
229 444s, 453s, 468s Studebaker
407 539s Willys
427 567s, 572s Willys Mtr. Generator
458 596s Willys
840 870s Crosley
840 2189s Aerojet General
855 853s Universal
886 934s Willys Mtr. Generator
1019 971s, 2199s Kohler
1097 2076 Kohler
1189 2184s Aerojet General