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Carburetor Identification (when a tag is not present)

Using the casting number, found on the throttle body, can sometimes get you close enough to a carburetor number to get you the carburetor kit that you need.

Once you get the carburetor number, enter it into the search box and click GO.

Casting Number Carburetor Number Application
229 444s, 453s, 468s Studebaker
407 539s Willys
427 567s, 572s Willys Mtr. Generator
458 596s Willys
840 870s Crosley
840 2189s Aerojet General
855 853s Universal
886 934s Willys Mtr. Generator
1019 971s, 2199s Kohler
1097 2076 Kohler
1189 2184s Aerojet General

10 thoughts on “Carter W-0 Carburetor

  1. I’m rebuilding a Carter WO for my 1946 Willys Jeep. That throttle valve shaft is locked up within the throttle body. I’ve been soaking it in rust penetrating oil and carburetor cleaning. No luck getting it to turn. Do you know of a way to free it up?


  2. I have a Carter W-O carburetor and I notice a lot of condensation when the motor is started. Any ideas on what might cause this? This is installed on a CJ3A Jeep L134 engine.

    • I asked someone about this because I couldn’t remember why this happen


      Neither can I; I wonder if it might somehow have something to do with the hygroscopic nature of ethanol. Ironically, carburetor “sweating” is not as common as it once was because of the higher under-hood temperatures (hence increased evaporation) caused by — you guessed it — ethanol. Decades ago, when I lived in a more northerly climate, I used to have a Plymouth with a 273 V-8 (which were notoriously cold-running engines) on which the Stromberg WW carb would actually ICE-UP in the wintertime. It didn’t run very well when that happened . . .

      Is he sure that it is not simply a gasoline leak coming from somewhere near the top? Is there any source of standing water which might exist under the hood, first evaporating from “wherever” and then condensing on the cooler carburetor?

      Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it if I were your customer . . . unless his WO is turning into an ice ball as the Stromberg on my Plymouth once did.


  3. Hi Mike,
    I have a Ford GPW with a Carter W-0 carb, i have noticed the comment on your site where someone askes about a bush kit for the throttle shaft & you reply that it is rarely needed. I have the same query due to the following

    When pumping accelerator up & down whilst engine cold fuel drips out of shaft housing onto the manifold [between throttle body part C & throttle arm G the carb has 3 fibre type washers fitted not shown in army manual]……our limited knollege leading us to guess that the throttle body casting/bush is worn? ….started looking at carb as the old girl seams lacking in power on anything other than the flat , up any hill slows right down. idles fine in garage throttles up and down ok

    Cheers Karl

    • Fuel will leak out of the throttle shaft when you are getting too much fuel (flooding). If flooding is occurring, then it will come any where that it can and the shaft is a good place. The shaft isn’t meant to seal the fuel. It can’t be that tight. I suspect you are simply getting too much fuel and you need to clean and rebuild the carburetor. When our classic vehicles sit around, the gasoline varnishes up the inside of the carburetor. Bushings are required only if the shaft moves back and forth. I do it by feel, but a guess would be anything over 1/32″ might be a problem. Any slack would produce some vacuum leakage.

      Now if it is worn, then the question is would it be the shaft that is worn, or the housing. A worn housing can be fixed by adding a brass bushing. A worn shaft would need a new shaft, or housing. That would be difficult to find, since they are not being produced.

      • Mike,

        Thanks for advise, will check tollerances saturday.

        Engine hunting on idle & lacking power on up hill trip, feathering …putting throttle down can actually reduce power, just changed plugs,leads, condenser to erradicate any other issues


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