Carter W-1 Carburetor

Watch a video about how to determine which is the correct kit for your W-1 carburetor.

Watch a video about the W-1 accelerator pump.

Carter W-1 Identification

342S – Oldsmobile 2 float bowl screws showing. Vacuum port on the Carter W-1 stamped side.
Carter W-1 Carburetor  Carter W-1 Carburetor  Carter W-1 Carburetor
395S – Studebaker 2 float bowl screws showing. Large brass nut on the top of the inlet. Vacuum port on the Carter W-1 stamped side.
Carter W-1 Carburetor Carter W-1 Carburetor Carter W-1 Carburetor
420S – Chevrolet 3 float bowl screws showing. No vacuum port on the Carter W-1 stamped side.
Carter Carburetor W-1 Carter W-1 Carburetor Carter W-1 Carburetor

Carter W-1 Carburetor Manual

Carter W-1 Climatic Control Carburetor Manual

The W-1 carburetor can sometimes be identified by the casting number, which is stamped on the face of the throttle body.

Casting Number Carburetor Number
3 259S
5 358S
6 255S
6 266S
13 260S
20 284S
20 284S
21 285S
25 282S
27 306S
28 280S
33 291S
34 290S
37 298S
41 295S
51 308S-336S
54 309S
55 310S
56 311S
62 314S
63 315S
65 319S
65 334S
65 319S
65 334S
66 316S
67 321S
67 321S
70 322S
70 324S
70 340S
70 324S-340S
71 330S
72 331S
72 331S-348S
72 348S
73 329S
73 309S
77 327S
77 339S
79 335S
79 335S
82 333S
85 342S
88 350S
90 351S-385S
92 346S
92 346S
99 352S
99 352S
177 212S
177 235S
177 212S
181 222S
181 222SA
181 222S
194 425S
203 259S
213 260S
220 284S
221 285S
233 291S
250 307S
253 435S
290 351S
290 385S
290 464S
302 394S
302 395S
306 364S
312 359S
313 371S
316 360S
322 378S
333 388S
333 388S
337 391S
337 391S
339 437S
339 397S
339 437S
343 400S
344 401S
344 401S
347 398S
359 411S0
362 417S
363 418S
365 420S
373 434S
383 438S
383 438S
400 400S
421 483S
421 492S
421 515S
421 570S
421 574S
421 569S
432 616S
462 523S
603 684S

8 thoughts on “Carter W-1 Carburetor

    • Sorry, I cannot recommend a kit without the carburetor number and on a W-1, there would be a metal tag attached to the top. Please watch the video at this link. Everything you need to know to select the correct kit is there.


  1. I need Carter W-1 carburator for a 1929 Chevrolet. The carburator #259S, The number on the casting is #3. If you have this carburator please let me know what the price is or if you have a repair kit.
    Thank You

  2. Greetings Citizen, I have an old Carter W-1 From who knows what and I have a project I would like to try and fit it to. While disassembling the carb I noticed than the float bowl cover appeared to have an ever so slight curve in the mating surface. At first I thought it was the victim of a freeze cycle( this thing was given to me and I have no idea of it strage over the last 60 years) but then I noticed a rib that runs along the side of the mating surface. My question is” does this cover come made this way or is it defective?” I can resurface it to remove the deflection but since it has only two screws holding it on I would think the ribs aid in sealing and gasket retention. As a side note everything in inside the thing was spotless even after setting outside in a box of junk for the 14 years I’ve had it.

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