Carter WGD Carburetor Catalog

Carter WGD Carburetor Manual

WGD Carburetor Identification

When you can’t find the carburetor tag, you may be able to identify the carburetor by using the casting number. Once you have a carburetor number you can enter it into the search box and click on GO. The correct carburetor kit will be displayed.

Casting Number Carburetor Number Application
604 714s, 849s Oldsmobile
615 728s Packard
771 773s, 776s, 2115s Hudson
774 781s, 813s Kaiser, Frazer
803 767s, 784s, 928s Packard
836 851s Oldsmobile
904 956s Federal Truck
967 986s, 2102s Packard
987 999s, 2052s Kaiser
987 2052s Willys
1008 2015s Oldsmobile
1049 2042s Federal Truck

Carter WGD Rebuild Manual download
WGD 2182s, 2207s Flooding, Stalling Bulletin