Late to the Electric Party

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April 1st, 2016 Tesla unveiled their much anticipated Model 3. Thousands put down deposits, even though Tesla itself says, “Model 3 will begin production in late 2017,… ” That’s a long wait, but early adopters aren’t easily dissuaded, as shown … Continued

What Kind of Fuel Mileage Can We Expect

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While fuel efficiency isn’t the only factor when deciding on which car to purchase, it is an incredibly important one. Considering the current prices for gasoline, as well as the country’s tumultuous relationship with many oil-producing nations, fuel efficiency can … Continued

Injector Types

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Different Injector Types – How Do They Work? You have probably been driving your car around for years without giving too much thought to the principle of action behind the engine. You don’t need an engineering degree to understanding the … Continued


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The name, Bugatti, conjures up some mental images that surpass mere mechanical and engineering accomplishments. The name carries with it something almost magical. Today’s Bugattis are famous for speed and power, just as were the earlier models in the 1920s … Continued

Getting Good Technical Information

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I got this feel good remark today and would like to share it. Most of the information you see on the internet is generally inaccurate so finding information you can trust can be a challenge. This came from Wright’s Fuel … Continued

Working Safely on Your Fuel System

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Working on any part of the fuel delivery system exposes you to risks. Whether swapping out the pump on a ‘97 Taurus or replacing fuel injectors on an ‘05 Camry you’re likely to come into contact with gasoline. This note … Continued

Asperated or Not Asperated

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Since the dawn of internal combustion people have looked for ways to get more power from their engines. In crude terms, there are three ways to do this: increase the size of the cylinders, add more cylinders, or force more … Continued

Jensen Healey

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Jensen Healey The Jensen Healey was first introduced in 1972 and it was marketed as a luxurious but fast two-seater convertible. The birth of the Healey is an odd one. When Donald Healey’s original idea for a convertible, the Austin-Healey … Continued

Autolite 4100 Secondary Circuit

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The secondary throttle plates are operated by the secondary diaphragm using vacuum. As the primary throttle valves are opened the vacuum at the venturi increases. When vacuum reaches a certain point the secondary operating diaphragm kicks in. There is a … Continued

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