Mustang You Gotta Love

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Here is an interesting story from one of my customers. We were discussing some of the problems he was having with his Motorcraft 4300 and shared his story with me. These 4300s did run for some people, at least a … Continued

Mobile Responsive Web Store

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Six months ago our statistics showed that only 1% of our web site users were using mobile devices to view the site. This includes devices like smart phones and ipads. At the time I decided it wasn’t enough to get excited … Continued

Work on Carburetor While On Car

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Not something I would do. Why? Early in my career I was working on a Rochester Quadrajet on a V-8 Chevrolet Chevelle. I had rebuilt the carburetor but was having problems and I decided to save myself some time and … Continued

Tri-Power Carburetors

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Rochester Tri-Power carburetor kits. These are the 2G and 2GC carburetors. The 2GC is the carburetor in the middle and would have the automatic choke attached. The front and rear carburetor does not have a choke.Selecting kits for the tri-power … Continued

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