Direct Injection or Port Injection

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Today’s direct Injection is to port fuel injection as port injection was to carbureted fuel supply back when the industry was in transition from carburetors to EFI in the 1970s. There are differences, but the comparison is valid. And as … Continued

Cold Starting

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Cars, while hardy, can be finicky at times. When your engine is below a certain temperature, your works to add fuel to the air mixture to start the vehicle. Positioned on the intake manifold, the cold start injector helps refine … Continued

Jeep Fuel Injectors

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Jeep Fuel Injector Fuel injectors rarely go bad but when they do, they can give you serious headaches. Don’t worry however, it’s not as bad as you think. A bad fuel injector isn’t that serious and it’s almost never terminal, … Continued

Evolution of Sports Cars

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A common misconception heard today is that the Corvette was the first American sports car. The Corvette is not even the first post-WWII sports car. And the genre goes back much farther than that. The American sports car had matured … Continued

Fuel Injection Cleaning Service

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If you’re experiencing a rough idle, a hesitation under acceleration, poor starting or declining gas mileage it’s possible your fuel injectors are dirty. You could try fuel additive cleaners but they’re marginally effective at best. The only way to return … Continued

VW Fuel Injection

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By the mid 1960s, mechanical fuel injection had been successfully employed in Formula One and sports car endurance racing for more than a decade. But manufacturers were just beginning to install it on production cars. Volkswagen introduced it first in … Continued