Electric Choke Conversion Kits

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We recently started to add several electric choke conversion kits.

These kits include everything you need to convert your current hot air choke to an electric choke. Thermostat, wiring and step by step instructions.

Electric Choke Kit

Some of these conversion kits have been a very good replacement solution for some of the thermostats that are no longer produced. For example, some of the 2 Jet carburetors used a choke thermostat that is mounted in the intake manifold, called a divorced choke. These thermostats are no longer made, so an electric choke conversion is a great answer.

Along with the divorced choke conversions, we are also adding some choke kits we have not had available before. For example we now have an electric choke conversion for the Autolite 1100.

Some conversion kits are somewhat universal like the CU1445 which fits 70-78 small Block Chevy car and Chevy / GMC truck Quadrajet. Then some are more specific, like the CU1454 with fits 1970-72 Cadillac 472, 500.

These chokes use the 12v when the engine is running to heat up the thermostat and allow the choke to open. Eliminates the hot air tube and need for any choke vacuum. You do need the choke housing to be on the carburetor, but the choke piston will not be needed. Basically if you have been running a hot air choke and want to convert to electric, this kit will have everything you will need.

All electric thermostats are 12v and are tested to meet or exceed manufactures recommendations. Adjustment instructions are included.

We are excited about this new addition to our inventory. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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