Free Carburetor Repair Manuals

Manuals are downloaded as PDF files. Some are very large and might take some time to download, depending on your internet connection.Please do not distribute these manuals. Instead giving out the link to this web page would be appreciated. Link is as follows: keep in mind that these manuals may span several carburetor models and may not be your exact carburetor. Use these manuals as a general reference only. Don’t forget to visit the technical pages for your specific carburetor. More manuals for specific carburetors may be available there.


Autolite, Ford & Motorcraft Manuals & DVDs

Carter AFB Carburetor Manual
Carter AS Carburetor Manual
Carter BB Carburetor Manual 1938 & Prior Also works for bbr1
Carter BB Carburetor Manual 1939 & Later
Carter Brass Bowl Manual
Carter BBD Carburetor Manual
Carter Divorced Choke Adjustment – Older 1955
Carter RBS Carburetor Manual
Carter Thermoquad Carburetor Manual
Carter UT Updraft Carburetor Manual
Carter W-0 Carburetor Manual
Carter W-1 Carburetor Manual
Carter W-1 Climatic Control Carburetor Manual
Carter WA-1 Carburetor Manual
Carter WCD Carburetor Manual
Carter WCD Carburetor Manual – 1962 Rambler – In general, this is ok for any WCD
Carter WCFB Carburetor Manual
Carter WDO Carburetor Manual – 1938 & Earlier
Carter WDO Carburetor Manual – 1939 & Later
Carter WGD Carburetor Manual
Carter YF Carburetor Manual – Older YFs
Holley 94 Carburetor Manual
Holley 740 Carburetor Manual
Holley 852-FFG Carburetor Manual

Holley 885 Carburetor Manual
Holley 885-JJG & 885-JJGC for General Motors Trucks
Holley 1904 Carburetor Manual

Holley 1908 Carburetor Rebuild Manual
Holley 1920, 1940, 1945, 2210, 2245, 5200, 5210, 5300 Carburetor Manual
Holley 1940 Carburetor Manual
Holley 2110 Carburetor Manual

Holley 2300 Corvette – 1968-69 Tripple Carburetors
Holley 2300 Carburetor Manual
Holley 2300 Carburetor Rebuild Manual – from a 1962 repair manual.
Holley 2300C, 2300G, 4150C, 4150G, 4150MG, 4160C & 4160 w/mechanical secondarys
Holley 4000 Carburetor Manual
Holley 4000 Visual Instruction Manual
Holley 4150C Carburetor Rebuild Manual
Holley 4150EG Carburetor Manual
Holley 4150EG Governor Manual
Holley 4150G Carburetor Manual
Holley AA-1 (electric choke) GM Trucks Carburetor Manual

Mercruiser Weber Marine Carburetor Manual

Motorcraft 2100 4100 Carburetor Manual
Motorcraft 2700 7200 Carburetor Manual – large file, but great manual.

Rochester 2G, 2GC Carburetor Manual
Rochester 4G, 4GC Carburetor Manual
Rochester AA Carburetor Manual
Rochester B, BC, BV, AA, BB Carburetor Manual – Be patient, this is a large file.
Rochester BC – Published in 1951
Rochester Dualjet Carburetor Manual
Rochester E2SE Carburetor Manual
Rochester E4ME-E4MC Service Manual
Rochester Monojet Carburetor Manual
Rochester Triple Power Pack Manual
Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor Manual
Rochester Varajet Carburetor Manual

Solex 44PA1 Rebuild Instructions
Solex 44PHH Carburetor Manual
Solex Selection and Tuning of the Carburetor

Stromberg AA Series Description & Operation
Stromberg used on Government Vehicles AA, SF, BXV
Stromberg Service Manual – many Strombergs represented here.
Stromberg WW Carburetor Manual
Stromberg WW Carburetor Manual 1955 Edition

SU – Servicing, Testing & Repairs   Zenith 28 228 Rebuild Manual

Zenith 63M 263M Marine Rebuild Manual
Zenith Gov-U-Retor Specification Chart
Zenith Gov-U-Retor Service Manual  

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Holley 1920 Floods Coming to a Stop

After running my vehicle and I turn it off, gas floods over into the intake flooding the engine. Won’t start.

  • Could be fuel pressure – When the engine if shut off there should be some release of pressure. Make sure you have a vented gas tank. After running open the gas cap. Do you get a rush of air? If so, then you need to vent your gas tank. Some vent through the gas cap itself and some have a separate tube coming up from the gas tank. Make sure the tube is clear. Test your fuel pressure. Should be about 4 lbs or less, but compare with what your motor manual says.

Holley 1920 Flooding

  • Your gas may be percolating – The engine gets hot, you turn it off and the gas boils over, or evaporates out of the carburetor. Gas has a lower boiling point these days and especially in hot parts of the year, this may be a challenge. Experiment with different brands of gas. Try Startron ethanol additive in the gas. Make sure fuel lines are away from the manifold. Is your water running at a good temperature. While very hard to find, spacers will sometime help. Do you have a bowl vent on top of the carburetor and is it hooked up to a hose correctly? Check the bowl vent gap. Specifications are in the carburetor kit instruction sheet.

Holley 1920 Flooding

  • Some Holley 1920 carburetors have a hot idle compensator. The compensator opens a vent into the main body letting off some pressure when coming to an idle. If the idle compensator is bad the idle will be erratic. To test:
    • Remove the air cleaner with engine running.
    • Cover the hot idle port. If the idle smooths out there is something wrong with the idle compensator. Check the seal and/or replace.
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