Ford 97.6 Fuel Injection

1983-85 97.6
1983 v6 182, 4- 116

These are multi point, pulse time, mass air flow fuel injection system. Fuel is metered using 4, or 6 fuel injectors.

The electronic control unit (ECU) receives signals from various engine sensors and computes the required rate of fuel flow to maintain an optimum air fuel ratio.

Ford Fuel Injection

The fuel injectors meter & atomize fuel for combustion and are located in the lower intake manifold. They are installed so fuel is directed just ahead of the intake valves.

The fuel pressure regulator is located on the fuel supply manifold & regulates fuel pressure going to the fuel injector.

The air vane meter is located between the throttle body & air cleaner senses air flow and temperature and send the information to the ECU to compute air flow.

The air flow to the engine is controlled by the throttle body. The throttle position is controlled by a cable throttle linkage. The throttle bore includes a bypass channel which is used to control air/fuel at idle.