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I have a problem adjusting my holley 2280 on my 1987 dodge d150. It has a 318. I bottomed out both mixture screws and its still backfiring and running a little rich. I need help bigtime. Will this hurt my 318? Should i turn them both out 2 turns? I need help…

This is an indication of a carburetor needing to be rebuilt, or if you just rebuilt it, something was installed, or adjusted incorrectly and it is very hard on the engine.

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  1. Help!
    77 dodge adventurer, 318 eng. auto.
    has a new out of box rebuilt holley 2280, will start up and run fine in driveway
    Problem is, once running and hot I can’t keep gas in line, switched to electric pump ( mechanical one is good), checked all the lines for cracks, leaks then replaced em anyway. Let it run an hr parked-perfect.

    5 miles down road and it acts like it’s Completly out of gas, filter even empty, now in preperation to pull tank I pumped out 5 or so gal of gas and pump never missed a lick. Is that inlet needle valve hanging up? Is it necessary?
    Gotta get this on road.
    thanks ahead for your help

    • I had to ask a friend about this. I couldn’t think of a thing. Here is his answer:
      If the carburetor was rebuilt correctly (correct Float level and drop, with or with out a needle follower clip), then I would look to fuel starvation. Pinched line or clogged pick up sock in the fuel tank. Sometimes two fuel pumps in line can cause a fuel restriction. I would preform a fuel pump volume and pressure test. He can get the specifications on line to make this test.

  2. 1987 W150 318 automatic 2280 Holly
    I rebuilt the carb it was stumbling and running very rich
    now runs much better but still rich
    cold starting , i need to crank it over a lot and them it is fouled up
    I think the float bowl well plugs are leaking and draining down the bowl into the intake
    Then the fuel pump has to refill the carb so it will start. once started and wormed up a little it settles down but still to rich
    How do i fix this

  3. My 318 Holley has no adjustment screws. They are like covered over with gray hard putty. I think, that is why mine burns a little rich and has a gas odor. Make sure your timing is right Turn the screws out two turns like you said and go from there. Listen to the motor while it’s running, and adjust the screws just a little at a time and see what happens. Good luck.

  4. Hello Mike. I came across your video on YouTube on rebuilding the holley 2280. Thank goodness!! I am not from the age of the carb. Anyways…

    My friend just picked up a 88 YJ with the 4.2. It didn’t come with the original carb. What came with the jeep was a Holley 2280. The only problem the jeep has is during load or acceleration up a steep hill. There is no power. It seems like it is leaning out. Because when you take your foot of the pedal slow. You get a shot of power again. The accelerator pump looks to be working just fine. So that narrows it down to the enrichment system. I was wondering if there was a quick way to clean the vacum valves with out taking it out. I want to try and avoid having to pick up a new clip for now. If worse comes to worse I can just rebuild it. But would like to save the money.
    Also, the carb came with a 6 inch round by 2 inch tall air cleaner. Is this going to let enough air in?

    Thanks for your vid


    • I can’t answer your question. Carburetor that are switched around don’t necessarily work that good. Carburetors are engineered for certain vehicles and engines. Switching carburetors isn’t something I ever deal with.

    • Withe lousy gas we are forced to buy these days, a rebuild is almost automatic when there is a carburetor problem. Cleaning only one part of the carburetor is not something I would ever do.

  5. I have a 1985 Dodge Pick up with a 318 2barrel holley carburetor. It doesn’t have the two mixtures screws in the front for lean and rich or the other adjustment. All it has is the throttle adjustment from the gas pedal. Can I drill out the two places in the front and get screws and springs for it . It’s been rebuilt but still runs like crap. Thanks Mike.

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