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  1. I purchased a rebuilt Holley 2300 with an electric choke. The carb is attached to a Ford 260 V8. To cold start the engine the coke plate needs to be completely closed, but it fires and runs rough and tends to stall if I don’t press the accelerator so that the rpm’s are well above the fast idle rpm. After runnign for some time the engine will run at the fast idle rpm, and can be kicked down to a nice idle. I think that the problem is that while the electric choke initially holds the choke plate nearly closed, at a cold start, the plate is near closed so the engine tends to choke-out. Releasing the coil spring tension, even slightly,will not produce a closed cold start.because the choke plate is not closed.
    Do I need a different spring,?

    Initially I had backfire through the carb followed by a difficult restart, and hesistation upon accleeration. often leading to stalling. Adjusting the timing and fuel-air mixtures seems to have taken care of that problem. Any comments and thank you in advance-John

    • You didn’t mention if you rebuild the carburetor. It may be a simple dirt or varnish problem. The older cars sit around a lot which is very hard on the carburetor. Ethanol in the gas is also a BIG problem and causes carburetors to fail rapidly.

      If you didn’t rebuild the carburetor, then I would start there.

      The other possibility is there is a vacuum leak.


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