One thought on “Marine Carburetors

  1. Hi I am hoping you will be able to help me. I have a Rochester quadrajet model number 17059298 which is on a Volvo penta 225d marine engine.

    The engine broke down and while rebuilding the carb, I noticed that one of the fuel passageways in the fuel bowl was blocked. There are two fuel discharge passages that run from the bottom of the bowl at the non return check ball (beside the accelerator pump well) to the jets at the top of the bowl. The passage way to the left of the fuel inlet fitting is blocked where the horizontal passageway meets the vertical passageway. There is an aluminium plug inserted at time of manufacture when the passageways were drilled out. The block seems to be in this area.

    I have sonic cleaned, pressure applied, soaked overnight to no avail. I am now beginning to wonder if this is an intentional block as a modification. I would appreciate any help

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