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I was soaking my allis chalmers g series carb in vinegar to remove rust and when I pulled it out… the vinegar ate the venturi. How do I find five or six of these?

Obviously you need to watch what you use to clean your carburetor. Old methods no longer work because carburetors are so old and almost everything reacts negatively with ethanol.

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  1. I need help identifying a marvel schebler carb..the numbers are stamped on a brass tab. 61 844 G the g is stamped over top the number 8

  2. I have Marvel Schebler TSX985SL on IH 574. Tractor was setting in shed about 1 week from last using it (with no problems). In the shed, it started leaking gas out where choke shaft fits through the carburetor wall. Disassembled, cleaned, checked float, put in new seat and needle, reassembled, installed. Tractor started up immediately when fuel came through carb. Started with idle running 4-500 rpms and ran about 1 minute at 500 rpm. Ran just fine. Pulled the throttle after 1 minute to give more gas. Tractor increased rpm to about 1000 and died immediately. This same cycle repeated several times starting just fine, then dies immediately when accelerated. Can not get above 1000 rpm; dies immediately. What should I be looking for? Do you rebuild this model? Thanks for your help.

  3. Been looking for your rebuild assembly video but have only found your dis assembly video’s. Just woundering if you have the assembly.
    I am working on my TSX 422 carb from my Allis WD. I used your 1st video on the dis assembly.

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