Mercarb Marine Carburetor Exploded View

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Mercarb Exploded View

Mercarb Carburetor 1. Screw, Choke Housing
2. Choke Housing Assembly
3. Gasket, Choke Housing
4. Screw, Choke Lever
5. Lever
6. Screw, Fast Idle Cam
7. Fast Idle Cam
8. Choke Rod
9. Pump Rod
10. Screw, Bowl Cover (long)
11. Screw, Bowl Cover (short)
12. Bowl Cover Assembly
13. Pin, Float
14. Float
15. Needle & Seat Assembly
16. Pump Shaft & Lever Assembly
17. Screw, Pump Shaft Assembly
18. Washer, Pump Shaft
19. Retainer, Pump Shaft
20. Accelerator Pump Assembly
21. Spring, Pump Assembly
22. Retainer, Spring
23. Strainer
24. Check Ball
25. Accelerator Pump Lever
26. Washer, Inner
27. Washer, Outer
28. Gasket, Bowl Cover
29. Fitting, Fuel Inlet
30. Gasket, Fuel Inlet
31. Gasket, Fuel Inlet
32. Spring, Fuel Filter
33. Filter
34. Power Valve Assembly
35. Gasket, Power Valve
36. Jet
37. Gasket, Jet
38. Screw, Venturi Assembly
39. Screw, Venturi Center
40. Lockwahser
41. Gasket
42. Gasket
43. Venturi Cluster
44. Gasket, Ventuir Cluster
45. Float Bowl Assembly
46. Screw, Throttle Body
47. Lockwasher
48. Gasket, Throttle Body
49. Throttle Body
50. Needle, Idle Mixture Adjusting
51. Spring, Idle Mixture Screw
52. Screw, Idle Speed Adjusting
53. Spring, Idle Speed Screw

6 thoughts on “Mercarb Marine Carburetor Exploded View

  1. Hate to bring back an old thread, but I’ve watched all of your YouTube videos Mike. Thanks for saving me tons of time!

    However, I can’t seem to find an answer to my question, and I’ve looked to the end of the internet! My carb is off of a MerCruiser 3.0L, 2 barrel, and it comes apart in 2 pieces (not 3). Mine has two separate butterflies instead of one long, solid butterfly like the one you rebuild in your YouTube video. Here’s my issue: I was very careful taking my carb apart, and I did as you suggested as I disassembled it (took lots of pictures). In most illustrations I’ve seen, it always shows 2 check balls; one is stainless, which goes down in the hole with the small spring and “T” fitting in the Venturi assembly, and the aluminum check ball supposedly goes in the bottom of the Accelerator pump well, along with a screen, and also a spring and a spring retainer clip. The problem is, my carburetor did not have an aluminum ball, screen, nor the spring retainer clip installed when I disassembled my carburetor. It DID have the spring though. The carburetor rebuild kit I bought (Sierra TM7097, 19032C), comes with the aluminum ball, but no screen or spring retainer clip, so all I have is a new accelerator pump assembly (mine has the curved arm at the end, and a blue and white plastic tip), my old Pump Assembly Spring, and NO screen or NO spring retainer clip! I’ve watched your video about 10 times, and I’ve tried to ascertain if maybe I missed something, or perhaps overlooked that small screen or spring retainer clip, but I have verified that it did not come with my rebuild kit. Are you aware of anyone else running into this problem? And have you seen this carburetor manufactured in recent years without the need for this aluminum check ball and spring retainer clip?

    Thanks in advance for your time.


    • The earlier Mercarbs did not use a check ball at the bottom of the well. You have the later version so don’t need the checkball and spring.

  2. One more comment. The diagram on this site and the ones in my kit is wrong. For the fuel filter, it shows the spring then the filter then a inner gasket and the thread gasket. That order is wrong. I am sure Mike’s Carbs knows about it as your videos show you putting it in correctly. New Merc diagrams show it correctly. Spring first, then plastic side of fuel filter goes against the spring, then internal gasket which seals the filter to the fuel inlet fitting. Just thought I would mention for your audience who might notice this diagram and waste half hour being confused about how that seemed wrong like I did. Its a merc diagram and they corrected it newer carb info.

    • You are right, the diagram is wrong. Unfortunately no one is going to correct a diagram that has been printed for 25+ years. I am going to look into maybe adding an insert or something. Thanks for bringing this up.


  3. My carb has one check ball. The accelerator pump well has a vertical slot that goes halfway down that I believe lets fuel in. There is no hole in the bottom of float bowl leading to the pump well like show on your video. The specific diagram for my carb also shows no ball there. Not to my question. When I took my carb apart, the aluminum ball was in the hole under the venturi held down by the T. So after much thought I put the aluminum ball in the kit there. I did a wet test with everything in place. The pump well did not drain out when I filled it and when I push the accelerator pump down the fuel did squirt out of the T. Is my ball correct? Or did someone do this wrong on a previous rebuild and I need to put the stainless steel ball in there? Carb is off boat now so I would want to do it before installing, if that is the correct thing to do. Boat accelerated fine before I took it apart. It was a flooding issue and its full of dirt when I take it apart so I assume the needle and seat were gunked up.

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