Motorcraft 2100 Choke Circuit

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2100 Choke Circuit

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  1. Richard Webb

    I am looking for the brass fitting or thread size for the fitting that goes into the choke housing for the hot air tube to be connected. My carb is missing that fitting. Thanks.

    • I don’t think there is a fitting for this. The hot air tube would have the fitting built onto it.

      • Chris Hurlock

        Dear Richard,
        I bought my hot air tube, ( for Sunbeam Tiger ) from Restore Mustangs and the brass nut and olive came with it. Unfortunately, I think RM has ceased to trade now!
        Try contacting a Mustang, Fairlane or Falcoln suppliers, they’re sure to have the complete assy.
        Good luck!

        Thank you Mike, I purchased one of your carburetor kits a few years ago, followed your instructions and when I started the engine for the first time in 35 years two weeks ago it did not require any further adjustment, fired straight up within 10mins!!


  2. I need a choke housing as well for my autolite 2100. Any in stock?

  3. Mike –
    I am a return customer and appreciate the website, videos and knowledge you share! I have a question about the bi-metal thermostat spring on the 2100 Autolite/Motocraft carb – what is the correct orientation of the spring? Should it wind up clockwise or counterclockwise when install in the black housing?

  4. Dear Mike,

    I am currently restoring a classic Sunbeam Tiger Mk1 and need a choke housing for an Autolite 2100 as mine is seized up and I can’t free the plunger. Unless ofcourse you can suggest a way of doing it!!

    I notice that you have one listed online tho’ it shows ‘out of stock’, please advise if correct! If so, would you know of any others for sale over there?

    I have been watching your ‘how to’ films on You Tube and they are most instructive.



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