Nash Carburetor Identification

le style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 757px; height: 150px;"> Model Carburetor Make Carburetor Type Carburetor Number 3520, 3620 Stromberg EX-32 A-18063 3580 Stromberg EE-22 A-18062 3580, 3680 Stromberg EE-1 A-18061 3640, 3710 Stromberg AX-2 A-18322 3640A Stromberg EX-22 A-18132 3720 Stromberg EX-32 A-18143 3780 Stromberg EE-1 A-18141 3780 Stromberg EE-1 A-18151 3810 Stromberg AX-2 A-18322 3820 Marvel Schebler C-2 10-1802 1938 Nash 3880 Stromberg EE-1 A-18331 3910 Stromberg EE-1 A-18471 3920 Carter WA-1 435S 3980 Carter WDO 436S 4010 Carter WDO 458S 4020 Carter WA-1 435S 4080 Carter WDO 465S 4140 Carter B&B 513S 4160 Carter WA-1 435S 4180 Carter WDO 511S 4240 Carter B&B 513S 4260 Carter WA-1 464S 4280 Carter WDO 538S

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    • Sorry, but I don’t. I don’t think one is made, or I would have it. You will have to watch for a NOS kit to come along. The Old Carb Dr. can probably restore it for you. He doesn’t sell parts, but probably knows how to retrofit it. His phone is 828 659-1428

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