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      Each entry is reviewed to make sure it is appropriate before it is posted. Until we open the contest to voting none of the entry’s can be viewed. We have been posting photos in the photo gallery for everyone to look at. Scroll down a bit on our Facebook page and click on the PHOTO tab. All of the entry’s are being posted there.

      Thanks for participating.

  1. I am attempting a ‘never-before’ type repair but have a customer that loves her ’84 Ranger [auto trans & 2.8L eng]……..many other repair shops have tried to get this truck running right but have not succeeded ** I’ve already re-
    paired majority of the ‘butchered’ engine harnesses and removed the existing ‘electronic’ carburetor ** I want to install a ford OR motororcraft 2-bbl carburetor and eliminate the electronics involved [just a basic ‘mechanical’ carb hopefully with electric choke ** Probably around 390cfm or so since the engine is only a V-6?? After 55 years in the auto repair field, I’m looking for a facility in carburetion [like yours?] as one of my specialties is helping repair older 50’s/60’s & 70’s vehicles that no one seems to want to repair…….Thanx in advance for any assistance/suggestions you may have **webbo

    • I’m sorry, but I only suggest using carburetors that were designed for the vehicle. Removing a computerized carburetor really opens up a bag of worms because you would also have to rip out all of the computer controls.

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