Removing Stuck Discharge Nozzles From the Holley 4000

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ImageThe Holley 4000 discharge nozzles which are illustrated as part #30 in the picture can over time get stuck and can easily break when removing. Here are a few tips on how to remove this part.

Please note before doing this that you can distort or crack the bowl housing. Take your time and be very careful.

Grind the tip of a screwdriver tip to fit into the keyhole-shaped recess in the top of the discharge nozzle.  Try to move the nozzle back and forth, but take your time with this. Any movement at all is a sign that they will probably come out if you work them long enough. Sometimes adding some heat will help.

Now using a sharp blade or awl tip driven into them above the “duckbill”, as horizontally as you can, pry against the adjacent casting.

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