We have four different carburetor kits for the Rochester 2GC marine
carburetor. Originally the 2GC carburetor came with a tag attached to
the top and the carburetor number was stamped into the tag. Enter that
number in our search box on any of our web store pages and the correct
matching marine carburetor kit will be displayed. The carburetor number
is golden. Go for it.


Unfortunately through the years and several carburetor rebuilds later,
the tag was probably left off of the carburetor. You can always guess
and buy a kit according to application, but that would only be a guess.
Save yourself some time and shipping by just doing a little homework.


What are the differences in the four kits? There are several,
but we have found that each of the marine carburetor kits use
a different flange gasket. That is great because you will be able to
make a match by taking the carburetor off of the engine, but you won’t
have to take the carburetor apart yet.

Watch this video to see the difference in the four flange gaskets.