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  1. I have a tri power on my 327 in a t coupe. All carbs are 2g c . I have a stumble off idle and a slight surge at a steady speed . I have checked floats needle seat . timing . And have torn the carb down and found threw it many times trying to find it . I have also checked the end carbs for vacuumed leeks . I’m running out of ideas do u have any

    • You need to 1st determine if they are tru tri-powers. Most that we see anymore have a mixture of carburetors, or the 3 carburetor are exactly the same. Any difference might cause problems.
      From your description your problem seems to be in the center carburetor. Check the accelerator pump. Is the checkball & spring in the main discharge and is the check ball seating.
      Is the check ball at the bottom of the pump well seating as well. You will find information about how to test the pump circuit here: http://www.carburetor-parts.com/2-Jet-Accelerator-Pump-Circuit_ep_347.html

  2. Mono MV single barrel rochester leaking fuel inside the barrel after running for a few minutes and keeps dripping after shutting the engine off, the float is set correctly

    • Chances are it’s the main discharge. Make sure there is a check ball in the discharge hole and a spring on top of this. If it’s all there, then using a brass drift punch, tap on the check ball to seat it into the hole. Make sure the check ball is the bigger check ball. Should be about 1/8″ diameter.

      The main discharge has the T, which holds the check ball down.

  3. hi,
    I was not having any luck with your web site, (old guy) on a computer is the real problem.

    My Carb is a Rochester 2 jet
    # 7027105

    I am looking for the choke shaft. choke plate and screws
    Also looking for the throttle plate shaft, plates and screws
    Last I will need a rebuild kit with instructions

    Tom Mulder
    3009 N. Trillium Dr.
    Aliquippa, Pa 15001
    724 378 5977

  4. Hi Mike.
    I bought a BC carb kit from you for my ’59, 235 six, carefully went through everything and set things by the ’58 Chev shop manual.
    I’m no stranger to carbs but this one has me at my at wits end.
    It performs perfectly in every situation EXCEPT during harder braking while moving forward.
    Turns and reverse have no effect.
    When braking harder like preparing for a turn or coming to a more abrupt stop at a stop sign the idle will fall WAY down and die unless I tickle the foot feed.
    Yesterday I tripled check all the passages which are all open and the carb bowl is clean as an operating room.
    Just now I raised the float level 1/8″ hoping that would alleviate the problem to no avail.
    I cannot get a handle on why the gas sloshing forward in the bowl would do this.
    I’m going wack with this thing!

    • There is a good chance the body is warped and the gas is spilling over into the bore. Most are warped to some degree. My guess is that it’s warped to leak inside the carburetor instead of outside. We have straightened them by make a jig to hold the carburetor, heating it clamping down and letting it cool.

      Worst case you can try putting an extra gasket on the float bowl.

  5. I dont no what year this Carburetor is I need a rebuild kit for this Rochester 2 barrel and
    the insides for the choke # 7008597 if you have theses parts give me a Price

  6. Hi Mike, I have a ’58 vette with a Rochester 4 barrel on it. I’m not sure it is the correct carb for the car, but have looked at your manuals and it appears to be a 4G or 4GC. It has the fuel inlet on the front, next to the accelerator pump, and it has 4 tubes in the air inlet. The fuel inlet area is stripped and I cannot tighten the the fitting into the air horn. Is there a fix for that? Is a replacement air horn available or would I need to buy another carb? If I can fix or replace the airhorn for the fuel inlet, I would also be interested in a kit for it. Thanks, Don

  7. Hi Mike,
    I have a rochester 2 jet for a 1969 Jeepster Commando with a v6 225 3.7L. Looking for a rebuild kit and new float. No stamp number on the side but there is a tag number of 835. This Jeepster was made by Kaiser. What rebuild kit should I purchase? I do have the gaskets to match with your pictures. Please let me know what I need. Thanks, Jeff

  8. Hello Mike, I’m not sure what Rochester Carburetor Kit I need, I have a Mercruiser 140 H.P. I/O 1970/1973 (?)
    and I have two Rochester 2 Jet carbs. that may fit (?)
    1) MCM 140 1351 – 7355
    2) 7020993 DK 5 29
    I also have a Rochester 2 Jet Carb. on my boat now, sorry I don’t have the numbers yet.
    So what is the best carb. for my motor, and what carb. kit do I need to rebuild it? ( # 1, ?) What is your price?
    Thank-you Mike for your time and expertize! Jim

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