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AAV-16, AAV-26, AAV-167, AAV-267 Exploded View
AAV-16, AAV-26
AAV-26 Choke

Stromberg Specifications

1941-47 Hudson AAV-26

There are two different carburetor kits that cover the Stromberg AAV, or AA, 2 barrel type of carburetor. If you have the carburetor tag, then enter the carburetor number in our search and the correct kit will be displayed.

Sometimes the carburetor number was stamped in the flange face. For example: 380198.

When there is no carburetor number, then you will need to compare the two kits to determine which one is correct. Some Stromberg models are listed in one kit only. When you have a model that is listed in only one of the kits, then select that kit. Otherwise watch this video to see what the differences are.