Stromberg WW

The Stromberg WW is a 2 barrel downdraft carburetor which was used on the following vehicles:Buick 1955-1961,
Chevrolet 1955-58,
Chrysler 1955-57,
Dodge 1953-70,
Desoto 1955-57,
GMC 1960-74,
Oldsmobile 1954-55,
Plymouth 1955-67,
Pontiac 1955-56
and Studebaker 1953-64

Stromberg Worn Throttle Shafts

Stromberg WW carburetors are notorious  for having worn throttle shafts. Unfortunately unlike most carburetors, the WW wears out the shaft instead of the throttle body.  As I mentioned, most carburetors wear the throttle body and while not a simple process, re-bushing the throttle body on these carburetors is very doable as long as you have the required tools, like reamers and good drill bits. We used to be able to get new throttle shafts to replace the worn shafts, but they haven’t been produced for several years now and finding a used donor carburetor is very difficult unless you happen to find one that has been sitting on the shelf for several years.

To our rescue is someone that I have consulted with many times in the past, “The Old Carburetor Doctor”. Jeff, the owner, has a fix for this problem, which he does when rebuilding the Stromberg WW. He tells me that he will repair your throttle body without a complete rebuild if that is what you want. He just asks that the throttle body be stripped down completely.

Here is what is says about this problem.

Stromberg WWs are no problem. Yes, the shafts are always worn, but we have developed a fix:  I plug the (usually) free right-hand end of the shaft bore with a welch plug, and I rebush the left-hand (throttle lever) end with an extended bushing which allows the un-worn part of the shaft outside of the casting to be supported by new bushing material.  Just look at a WW and you will see how it accommodates this fix; the factory should have done it that way in the first place!

To have your WW rebuilt, you can call Jeff at 800-945-2272. Please do not call Jeff for technical advice. That isn’t what he does. He is a carburetor restoration expert. Leave your technical questions here on this site. Jeff does not sell parts of any kind.

Stromberg WW Carburetor Parts

Free Stromberg WW carburetor manuals:
Stromberg WW Carburetor Manual
Stromberg WW Carburetor Manual 1955 Edition

22 thoughts on “Stromberg WW

  1. Greetings. I was just given a beautiful, well maintained, all original, two owner (same family), 1961 GMC truck with 305 engine topped with a Stromberg WW carburetor. The top of which is stamped with 23-130. I was informed the carburetor is leaking (they swapped it out with Holley that they want back). I’d like to rebuild this original carburetor and replace on this original engine. Which rebuilt kit should be used with this specific vehicle, engine and or course carburetor? I’m finding so much conflicting information.

      • Thank you, Mike. I do appreciate your help, sincerely…I really do. Respectfully, this is where the “conflicting information” I mentioned comes into play. You provide that link, yet it says “55-59 GMC”, it’s a 61. Nowhere in the “Application” list does it mention 305. Nor does it mention the 23-130 carburetor. I’m not trying to be difficult, I’m just trying to get the right kit.

        You said send “a” pic, do you have a preference of view or angle. I’ll happily send you multiple pictures if you’d like. The truck is in Colorado, I’m in Missouri. I took a bunch of pictures of it already. Front, sides, rear (extended bumper for camper) and interior. IF you have a preference just let me know and I’ll send it/them as soon I read your response. I’m going up at the end of August to tow-dolly it back here. IF I can get the carburetor rebuilt in time I ‘might’ even drive it back….even IF just part of the way.


        • We match the carburetor number which is golden. It is more accurate than the application information. For one thing carburetor are swapped around and might not be on the correct vehicle.


          • Okay, I understand. And, I thank you immensely, Mike. Can you tell me what carburetor would have been on a 1961 3/4 ton truck (series 1500, I believe) with the 305 V6 from the factory?

            And, the picture. Do you want me to send you a few that you can pick from, or do you prefer a particular view mentioned above?

            Appreciate you help, Mike!


          • Hello again. I just purchased the K6065 kit. I also sent you four pictures of the 1961 GMC to choose from. Once you post it could you send me a link to the post, please?

            Thanks again,

      • Hello again. Just to let you know. The K6065 kit arrived today. Promptly (inside of four days) and in good order.

        Thank you,

  2. I have a 53 dodge cornet having all kind of trouble with my ww I need to replace heat tube to auto choke along with rebuild carb can you help with parts and some tuning tips

  3. The problem with that WW on the Studebaker can be resolved by running a fuel return line to the tank utilizing a fuel filter with a return line. If one is using the stock Studebaker fuel pump one should also have the heat shield in place. The heat shields are available remanufactured.

  4. I have a 1954 Studebaker Conestoga wagon with a 259 cid V8 from a 1959 Stude Champ pick-up truck. It has a 3-speed trans. with overdrive. My problem is with the Stromberg WW carburetor. I have rebuilt it with a new float and needle valve and seat, gaskets and associated parts (a complete kit) from a reputable dealer. I thought the fuel seepage- leakage (percolating?) problem could be solved with the addition of a 1/2 inch phenolic riser under the carb but it didn’t help. Periodic tightening of the carb screws doesn’t help, either. The heat riser valve on the exhaust manifold is operating normally (not stuck). I installed a new fuel filter and an in-line fuel pressure regulator, new fuel pump and lines, but the carb still leaks and starting is difficult when the engine is warm and has sat for several minutes. When it does start it blows black soot out of the tailpipe. Help, please.

    • If in fact the gas is percolating, then it is difficult to solve. Some have gone to the extreme of running a 2nd line back to the gas tank, so that the fuel will circulate more. Make sure none of the fuel lines are close to the exhaust to start with.

  5. I noticed the Stromberg WW carb (for 1955 Buick series 40) has two small holes in the base (throttle body) just below the gasket between the body and base. These holes are through holes going from atmosphere to the venturis. Are these holes intended to be plugged? What is their purpose?

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