Topping Off the Damper

  • Unscrew the piston cap and remove the piston assembly.
  • Pour in SAE 20 oil into the hollow piston & then re-install the piston assembly.
  • Add the oil until you get pressure while pressing the piston down.

Removing HD8 SU Carburetors

Take plenty of pictures before disconnecting things. This gives you  a reference if needed later.

  • Remove the air cleaner.
  • Close the tap on the fuel filter and disconnect the banjo union.
  • Remove the distributor vacuum advance pipe.
  • Disconnect the fuel line from the auxiliary starting carburetor.
  • Disconnect the throttle cables.
  • Disconnect the wires from the choke solenoid.
  • For automatic transmission type of applications, remove the spring clip that secures the kick down link at the rear of the rear carburetor.
  • Disconnect throttle return springs.
  • Remove the 4 mounting nuts that hold the carburetor to the intake manifold.

Adjusting Auxiliary Starting Carburetor

Starter Switch

  • Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature.
  • Adjust the top screw #13 to enrich en the mixture a bit. This would mean turning counter-clockwise. Check this by energizing the solenoid by short circuiting the terminal of the thermostatic switch #6 and flick open the throttles. You should hear a pronounced hissing noise.
  • Turning the screw counter-clockwise while the switch is being short circuited, until you get a rough idle.