Carburetor Brass Tag Identification

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Rochester Older Carburetors

The brass identification tag on Rochester carburetors shows the carburetor part number and also designates the month during the calendar year the carburetor was built. Brass tags stamped A6 indicate the carburetor was built in January of the 1956 calendar year. B6 February, C6 March and so on. In this manner, modifications due to engineering changes can be identified.

For instance, if a production change is made at the beginning of March, the brass identification tag would carry the letter C and would indicate that all carburetors build in March or after would have the engineering modification.

If engineering changes are incorporated in carburetors sometime during the month, some other means of identifying modifications is required. A smaller letter of the alphabet is used for this purpose. It is stamped in the lower left hand section of the brass tag.

Brass tags stamped “A” as above indicate the first modification. “B” the second modification, “C” the third and so on. Further, if the brass tag is stamped “C” it means that all three modifications are incorporated in the carburetors so tagged, see the illustration.

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  1. Mike Kossow

    I have a 1965 Pontiac Bonneville 389 4 Barrel Carter carb. Car runs great. Problem is when I run the car for awhile then shut it off. After a couple of minutes the carb starts to drip on the passenger side. Carb has been rebuilt and we placed a pressure valve on the fuel line to keep it at 5LB. Then the car is hard hot starting. Any help please. Mike

  2. Edwin de Bruijn

    I have a 1960 Pontiac Catalina 4-door vista cruiser. Car runs on a 2-bbl Rochester carburetor. Eng. 389 auto trans. However the carburetor I.D tag indicates: 7013060, D / C5 / 31.
    Thought a 7013060 was a 1959 carburetor but C5 indicates a different year?
    Would like to know what exact carburetor is this? This for correct adjustments to be made on carburetor.

  3. Bruce Caulkins

    I would like to get tags for a Rochester tri-power set from a 1965 Pontiac 389 ci. set up.Also
    with the tags and the ID numbers missing on the side,is there another way to ID them for rebuild

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