1980-76 1493cc Spitfire ZS-1 150CD 4278
1980-75 1998cc TR7 (2 Carb) ZS-1 175CD 4278
1976-75 1998cc TR7 ZS-1 175CD 4278
(Calif, 1 Carb)
1975-73 1493cc Spitfire Mark IV ZS-1 150CD 4278
1974-72 1296cc Toledo SU-1 HS-4 4330
1972-70 1296cc Spitfire Mark IV SU-1 HS-2 4330
(2 Carb)
1972-70 1493cc Spitfire 1500 SU-1 HS-4 4330
1972-69 1296cc Spitfire ZS-1 150CD 4278
Mark III, IV
1968 2138cc TR4A (2 Carb) SU-1 HS-6 4330
1968-67 1296cc Spitfire Mark III SU-1 HS-2 4330
(2 Carb)
1966-65 2138cc TR4A (2 Carb) SU-1 HS-6 4330
1966-62 1147cc Spitfire Mark III SU-1 HS-2 4330
(2 Carb)
1976-69 2498cc TR6 (2 Carb) ZS-1 175CD 4278
1974-66 1998cc GT6, Mark I, II, III ZS-1 150CD 4278
(2 Carb)
1973-72 1998cc Bullet, Sprint SU-1 HS-6 4330
(2 Carb)
1969-68 2498cc TR250 (2 Carb) ZS-1 175CD 4278
1964-63 1596cc Vitesse (2 Carb) SU-1 HS-2 4330

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Mobile Responsive Web Store

Six months ago our statistics showed that only 1% of our web site users were using mobile devices to view the site. This includes devices┬álike smart phones and ipads. At the time I decided it wasn’t enough to get excited about, but recently we noticed that number had gone up to 20%. That is a huge jump in 6 months and then a customer called me letting me know he was having problems finishing an order on his smart phone. He didn’t use a computer, but could get things done on a smart phone. That is just the opposite of how I thought things would go.

This was an eye opener for me and without hesitation, I got my development staff started on changing the site and we recently launched a new site that is responsive to mobile devices. This means the screen adjusts to whatever device is being used. A smart phone will see it one way and a desk top computer will see it another way. The old version was non responsive and displayed the screen one way, no matter what device was being used and wasn’t all that useable on a phone.

So, let the mobile devices come. We are ready.

Do you use your mobile device to use the internet? I would like to hear from you about how you use it.

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