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  1. I own a 1990 Aqua star boat with a Yamaha L4 4 cylinder engine I/O . According to Yamaha and what I read this engine uses a Rochester GC 4. The numbers stamped into the front of the body, no tag, are 17086064 below this on second line is 062 T91. I would like to buy a rebuild kit


  2. I have a 1969 Hyster 3060 forklift with 192 Ford engine with Zenith Carb with a governor. Disc on top has numbers 196414 and 13672 C. I need a repair kit and also a fuel cut off solenoid. Mine has been modified with no wire and tip of needle has been cut off, I suppose it would not open when the wire broke off. I need the exact number for kit and prices and solenoid. Also the high idle cam stud post on the throttle body has broken off. I think can get the broken piece out of the TB (haven’t tried yet) if I can get another stud ( there are not enough threads left on stud to hold in place).

  3. I have two solex carburators on my Volvo Penta AQ151B. It appears to be the same as the instructiona video on youtube, but the only number I can find is 70795, on both carbs. Down draft solex I believe uses the rebuild kit #1154. I read these numbers off the side of them, is there another spot that has numbers, or is the engine info enough? I want to be sure to get the absolute correct kit, I have not removed them from the boat yet, Thanks Jim Belbeck.

  4. Autolite 1100 sgl pumper
    Learned a lot from your vids!
    My carb has what I believe to be a power valve on outside of carb. It screws into the side? There is a new one in the kit. Do I just screw in the new one? What does it do?

    Also have a lot of wear on throttle shaft. I think I can do the repair if I drill it straight ! What can I use for the bushings?


    • Screws onto the carburetor. Don’t forget the gasket. This isn’t a power valve, but a spark control valve. Using vacuum it helps control the advance and retard of the distributor.

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know which bushing would be used on the 1100. You will have to measure your shaft, then pick the correct size bushing.

  5. Dear Mr Mike

    I own a Carter 2652S. I´m not sure about its history..( 1958 Fury or 1958 Desoto Adventurer?) I need some replacement parts ( primary throttle plate(X2)) Part number: 2-195.
    I´ve been looking for a long time and I still haven´t found any parts for this carb.

    Can you give me a hand to find it?

    Thank you very much


    São Paulo, Brazil

  6. I have Rochester 2 barrel carburateur part No 17059059 on VOLVO PENTA AQ200D. I usual cruse, on the river, with 1200-1500 RPM. If is engine hot (normal temperature) it dasnt run well any moore and it looks that not all all cylinder works (chokes). Gas flow instrument shows much bigger fuel consumption than normal. In idle running mode motor shuts off but start easely but idle RPM are lower than prevous adjusted (600 rpm). Some of spark plugs (new one) are wet and all of them sooty. Next day, without any repairs, engine runn well till it will be hot (like prevous decribed).

  7. i have a marine carter carb stamp#L7 6212S and tag# 62129 3347 67 on a 360 chrysler had it rebuilt , it does not run properly,shakes,boggs down when when reaching higher rpms. can’t find info on my carb.

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