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Mercruiser Weber Marine Carburetor Manual

Weber Marine Instruction Sheet.

These carburetor numbers use the pink metering rodsprings. 3310-805484A1, 3310-807826A1, 3310-818660A1, 9600s, 9661s,
9666s, 9770s

The primary and secondary main jet sets on this carburetor are a different size. For the primary main jets, the bigger jet is on the choke side. For the secondary main jets, the bigger jet is on the throttle lever side.

The secondary jets are smaller than the primary jets. This is typical for the AFB type of carburetor.

The clear tube that routes to the top of the carburetor is the fuel pump overflow tube. In case of a fuel pump rupture, the fuel will travel through this tube and into the carburetor instead of draining into the bilge where it could cause a fire. A very small amount of fuel in the tube is ok.

Ethanol is not your friend. When possible use gasoline without the ethanol additive. This can usually be found at the marina. When that isn’t convenient, use our fuel treatment, which is formulated to counteract the ethanol problem.