10 thoughts on “Zenith Carburetors

  1. Mike, I have a 1929 Dodge with an updraft Zenith carb. This car use to be a gravity system, but I have an elect 1to 3 lb fuel pump, which is the lowest I could get. This is still way to much, how do I get this press down ? If I put a return line to circulate back to before the pump, would that help ?

  2. I have a Zenith off an old Hugh loader with a flathead continental 6 cylinder. the numbers on the disc are 43625 and 10828A we need a full rebuild kit and the bushings for the throttle shaft, can you help me find these parts

  3. Hello Mike,
    Very informative website! Unfortunately,I couldn’t find anything regarding my WW2 Dodge WC51. It has a Zenith carb,with these numbers on the disk:
    922260 & 9996B. I would like to buy a rebuild kit for it,and find a manual as well.

    Thank you,


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