Bobs Carburetor Shop

Recently I was drivingBobs Carbs through Oceanside California and a sign on a building caught my attention. “Bob’s Carb’s”. The 1st thing I thought was WOW, you don’t see many carburetor shops these days. I was curious about the business so I turned off and went inside.

Hi, My name is Mike from Mike’s Carburetor Parts. The gentleman says “Hey I buy parts from Mike’s Carburetor”. Well small world. His name is Mitch and he showed be around and told me a little bit about his family business.

Bob, Mitch’s father started the business around 1955, 1st operating a service station and eventually turning it into a carburetor shop, then a repair shop, which is what it is today. 

Bob’s Carbs has migrated to fuel injection, but they still do a fair amount of carburetor work on classic cars. In fact, they had a Ford falcon in the shop getting the carburetor rebuilt. Mitch’s father, Bob comes in and rebuilds the carburetors and he had a couple on the bench when I was there.

This is not your average shop either. I looked at their reviews and they are very high. Seems they take good care of their customers.


This is Mitch’s view from his desk and he wears shorts year around. What a life.

Carburetor Shop







Like I say, carburetor shops are few and far between and when I discover them, I love to hear the story behind the business. I’ll be in Oceanside again next winter and I will stop in again and say hello.

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