What is E.F.E Early Fuel Evaporation

What is an E.F.E?

E.F.E or early fuel evaporation system which is also referred to as carburetor heat insulator and electronic fuel evaporator is found in some old internal combustion engines. The main purpose of an early fuel evaporation system is to provide rapid heat to the engine induction and this rapid heat provides quick fuel evaporation consequently distributing fuel more uniformly. This whole process makes the engine start better in cold conditions.

E.F.E: Early Fuel Evaporation
1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 Cadillac 8cyl 4.1L All Models TBI

When Was E.F.E Used?

The early fuel evaporator was mostly found in the vehicle manufactured between 1980 to 1987. Most of the General Motor vehicles developed between 1981 to 1987 carrying a 1.6L, 2.0L, and a 3.0L engine are fitted with an EFE heater gasket. Also, the early 1985 to 1988 Cadillac models carrying a 4.1L, 8-cylinder engine were also equipped with an early fuel evaporator.

Symptoms of a Faulty E.F.E

If your car’s early fuel evaporation system is not functioning properly or has some problems, you might notice that the engine takes longer than usual to warm up and may even stall when starting the car. Other faults with the E.F.E can also cause the engine to perform poorly and could potentially cause overheating of the powertrain as well. Some drivers have also reported that their vehicles deliver poor fuel economy and the drive quality is compromised if the E.F.E is malfunctioning.

Can I replace the E.F.E myself?

The E.F.E is found between the intake manifold and the carburetor’s throttle body. While it may save you service cost by replacing it at home, we recommend that you take your car to a professional service dealer to have your vehicle inspected and replaced by the E.F.E if necessary.

Final Words

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