Ford Truck Fuel Injector Replacement

Ford Truck Fuel Injector Replacement
Ford Powerstroke engines have been the heart of Ford Trucks for over two decades now. Boasting the common 7.3 liter displacement, they have been the heavy duty mules of the American farmers and industrialists since 1994.
Just like with any other diesel engine, the power output heavily depends on the injectors – their proper function is vital to the engine. Whether you want to boost up your Ford Truck power output or to revive a slowpoke of an engine, replacing fuel injectors could be the best solution. However, before you begin, there are some prerequisites to consider.
Do your Ford injectors need replacement?
It’s pretty obvious that, if you’ve bought a truck, it isn’t going to be a garage queen anytime soon – trucks are built to pull and carry, earn money. Most trucks used regularly tend to go over 100,000 miles on the tachometer after a few years of usage.
While, yes, Ford Powerstroke engines are built to last, there is only so much a mechanical component can withstand before ceasing or lowering yield. Sluggish acceleration, strange rumbling, and RPM variation at idle: these are all symptoms of faulty fuel injectors. If this is the case for your truck, then you should prepare to replace your injectors.
Where to get Ford Truck Injectors
Having a quick glance at Google results will reveal that there are quite a bunch of aftermarket shops offering new or refurbished injectors for 6.0 liter and 7.3 liter Powerstroke truck engines. However though, you should be very careful in choosing replacements: not all parts feature the same quality as OEM ones, thus you might cause more damage to your engine rather than getting it to work better.
In the left picture, you can see an OEM Ford Powerstroke injector for 7.3 liter units. It is highly recommended to check with your local Ford dealer for injector replacements, although you are warned: OEM parts don’t come cheap – sometimes the price will be twice or three times higher than what you would pay for an aftermarket part.

Replacing injectors for power boost
If your Ford truck doesn’t show any sign of performance deficit due to currently installed injectors, you might still want to replace them in order to achieve a higher performance output from the engine. Still, this can’t be done right away, unless you are okay with causing long-term damage to your cylinder head and engine block.
While your Ford Powerstroke cylinders are by default able to cope with performance injectors, it is highly recommended to secure your engine’s cylinder head by replacing OEM bolts with high performance one. Most users highly recommend ARP cylinder head bolts – not only that they are relatively easy to find and come at decent prices (about $190 for a set), but ARP is the leading performance parts manufacturer for the racing industry for over three decades.
Once you’ve upgraded your engine’s cylinder head bolts and added performance injectors, you should do a detailed diagnosis of the truck to make sure everything works the way it should.

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