Holley 1945, 1946 Troubleshooting

Why Does My Carburetor Die After Idling For Awhile?

My best guess is too much gas. While the engine is idling look down the carburetor throat. If gas is dripping out of the venturi, then gas is dribbling into the intake. You will probably see black smoke out of the tailpipe when 1st starting. Also right after turning off a hot engine, look down the throat. If gas is dripping, it shouldn’t be. Running at higher speeds is probably enough to burn the excess gas. Might show up as poor gas mileage also.

Float level might be off. Set to specifications as per your motors manual, or the carburetor kit instruction sheet.

Check to see if the needle & seat is leaking.

Why Is Gas Flowing Over the Carburetor?

Your carburetor is flooding. Here are some ideas.

  • Float valve, or needle & seat is leaking. For a new needle wipe the viton tip with mineral spirits to remove the residue. Test the needle & seat for leaking.
  • Test the fuel pump (especially new pumps). It should have 4.5-5 lbs of pressure. Install a regulator if it is running too high.
  • Shake the float, or heat up water just prior to boiling and immerse the float. Any leaks will show up as bubbles.
  • Move the float up/down to see if you feel any catching. The float pin might have a worn spot.
  • The float level would have to be way off to make gas come over the top. Check if level is correct. Don’t fudge it, set to specs.
Holley 1 Barrel Float
1946 Choke Pull-Off

Updated on 11/18/2021

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