1956 Plymouth BBD Carburetor

BBD Carburetor

1956 Plymouth V-8 Model P-29 BBD Dual Down Draft w/Automatic Choke, Carburetor Numbers: 2299S, 2300S, 2301S, 2299S – Standard Transmission 2300S – Overdrive Transmission 2301S – Power Flite Transmission

 carburetor kit for this BBD carburetor 

BBD Carburetor Parts Carburetor Specifications:

Flange – 4 bolt pattern. 
Throttle Bore – 1 7/16″ 
Metering Jet – Calibrated to flow 316 – 324 cc per minute.

Carter BBD

AdjustmentsFloat Level – 7/32″ between top of each float and top surface of body casting. To adjust, bend the lip on the float arm. 

Accelerator Pump – 1 1/32″ from the top of the bowl cover to the top of the plunger shaft. Install the throttle connector rod in center hole of throttle ever and inner hole of pump arm. To adjust: bend the throttle connector rod. 

Fast Idle Cam Clearance – With choke valve closed and lip on inner choke shaft lever contacting lug on outer lever there should be .020″ between lip of fast idle cam and boss on casting. To adjust: bend lip on inner choke shaft lever. 

Fast Idle Throttle Valve Clearance – 015″ between lower edge of valve and bore with adjusting screw on high step of cam. 

Fast Idle on Car – 1350 – 1400 RPM 

Unloader – 3/16″ between top edge of choke valve and inner wall of air horn with throttle valves wide open. To adjust: bend unloader arm on throttle lever. 

Dash Pot – Close throttle valves and bottom plunger shaft with 1/16″ gauge between shaft and operating lever. To adjust: loosen lock nut and turn dash pot unit in or out. 

Overdrive Kickdown Switch – With throttle valves wide open there should e 1/64″ to 3/64″ between kickdown lever and switch stem guide. To adjust: loosen lock nuts and adjust switch. 

Choke Adjustment – Loosen mounting post lock nut and turn mounting post with screw driver until index mark is on index. Hold in this position with screw driver and tighten lock nut. After adjustment is completed and coil housing and rod assembly and carburetor is installed on engine lift cover disk and open and close choke valve manually to see if connector rod clears sides of hole in housing cover. If rod does not clear hole in housing cover without binding replace with a new unit since connector rod cannot be bent without effecting calibration. 

Idle Mixture – Initial setting 1/2 – 1 1/2 turns open (counter clockwise). Richer: turn screw out. Gear in neutral, idle 450-500 RPM

Updated on 04/13/2022

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