2100 2 Barrel Kit Selection

We have 4 different carburetor kits that cover all of the Motorcraft 2100 carburetors. For best results match your carburetor number. This will insure the correct carburetor kit. The carburetor number for the 2100 carburetor is stamped on a tag which is attached to the top of the carburetor. When your tag is missing, then the only other alternative is to match up your carburetor parts with the parts pictured in each kit. Use the application only as a hint because it is not unusual to find 2100 carburetors swapped out. 

Two of the kits are for American Motors & Jeep. The 1st kit listed below is correct for most Motorcraft 2100 carburetors that are not AMC, or Jeep, with one exception. The 57 Ford (early design) is a special case.

It isn’t hard, using a few hints, to figure out which kit you need. 
1. If your vehicle is a Jeep, or American Motors – focus on the 2nd & 3rd kit listed. Then compare the flange gaskets.
2. Check out the flange gasket. – AMC & Jeep used a much different design.
3. The 2nd kit supports the type of 2100 that uses the two stage power valve. The 2 stage valve looks like it has a screw in each end for adjustment.
4. The last kit listed is for the early 2100 design. Notice the extra long shaft the accelerator diaphragm has. Make sure all 4 hints above fit before buying. Kits may include extra parts to service a wider range of carburetors.
Edsel 1960-59 292″ 4.8L,332″5.4L
Ford & Mercury 1974-73 302″ 5.0L, 351″ 5.8L, 400″ 6.6L 1974-58 221″ 3.6L, 260″ 4.3L, 289″ 4.7L, 292″ 4.8L, 302″ 5.0L, 332″ 5.4L, 351″, 352″ 5.8L, 390″ 6.4L, 400″ 6.6L, 429″ 7.0L, (Inc Taxi & Police Special) (Inc Repl Carbs)
Ford Truck1975-63 292″ 4.8L, 302″ 5.0L, 330″ 5.4L, 352″ 5.8L, 360″ 5.9L, 390″ 6.4L (Inc Econoline & Canada)
Includes all carburetor numbers not listed below.
Motorcraft 2100K4008
American Motors 1979-77 304″ 5.0L, 360″ 5.9L A/T 1977-74 304″ 5.0L, 360″ 5.9L
Jeep 1980-74 304″ 5.0L, 360″ 5.9L
Includes a 2 stage power valve, flange gasket is 1/4″ thick. Notice the absence of the 4 mounting holes on this flange gasket. 00A2JC, 0DA2J, 0DM2A, 0DM2J, 0DM2JC, 4DA2, 4DA2E, 4DM2, 4DMJ2, 4RA2, 5DA2, 5DM2, 5DM2J, 5RA2, 5RHA2 (1975), 5RHM2, 6DA2, 6DA2C, 6DA2J, 6DM2, 6DM2J, 6RA2, 6RHA2, 6RHM2, 7DA2, 7RA2, 7RA2C, 8DA2, 8DA2C, 8DA2J, 8DA2JC, 8DM2, 8DM2C, 8RA2, 8RA2C, 8RHA2C, 9DA2, 9DA2J, 9DM2, 9DM2H, D6FE-FA, D6FE-GA, D6FE-HA, D6FE-JA, D6FE-KA, D6FE-LA
Motorcraft 2100 kitK4170
American Motors1974 360″ 5.9L (Calif)1973-68 290″ 4.8L, 304″ 5.0L, 343″ 5.6L, 360″ 5.9L, 401″ 6.6L
Jeep1974-71 304″ 5.0L, 360″ 5.9L
0DA2, 0DM2, 0RA2, 1DA2, 1DM2, 1RA2, 2DA2, 2DM2 , 2RA2, 3DA2, 3DM2, 3RA2, 4RAC2, 4RHD2, 8HA2, 8HM2, 8ZA2, 9HA2, 9HM2, 9ZA2, A2, A2.
Jeep Carburetor KitK4128
1957 272″, 292″ (1st Ford built) ECG-9510-AU , ECG-9510-AV , ECG-9510-AY , ECG-9510-AZ, ECG-9510-BA, ECG-9510-BJ, ECG-9510-BK, EDB-9510-J, EDB-9510-K, EDB-9510-N ECG-AU, ECG-AV, ECG-AY, ECG-AZ, ECG-BA, ECG-BJ, ECG-BK, EDB-J, EDB-K, EDB-N

Motorcraft 2100
Updated on 12/06/2020

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