Motorcraft 2100 Exploded View

This is the typical 2100. Not all parts described below are in every 2100 carburetor. Be careful you have a 2100 and not a 2150.

Motorcraft 2100 2 Barrel Carburetor Exploded View
Motorcraft 2100 2 Barrel Carburetor Exploded View
1 Retainer – choke rod lower41 Pump Cover
2 Air Cleaner Stud42 Pump Diaphragm
3 Screw Bowl Top43 Pump Diaphragm Return Spring
4 Bowl Cover44 Cavity Filler
5 Bowl Cover Gasket G659 or G84045 Economizer Valve Cover Screw
6 Screw Pump Discharge Nozzle46 Economizer Valve Cover
7 Discharge Nozzle Screw Gasket47 Economizer Gasket
7A Air Distribution Plate48 Economizer or Power Valve
8 Discharge Check Ball Weight49 Economizer or Power Valve Gasket
9 Discharge Check Ball50 Idle Mixture Screws *1
10 Venturi Cluster51 Idle Mixture Screw Spring
11 Venturi Cluster Gasket52 Fuel Inlet Fitting
12 Float Pin Retainer53 Fuel Inlet Fitting Gasket
13 Float Dampner Spring54 Fuel Inlet Filter Screen
14 Float Pin Hinge 32-6155 Pump Cover & Lever 1957
15 Float FL40 center hinge or FL42 offset hinge56 Pump Push Rod Sleeve Check Ball 1957
16 Needle & Seat57 Pump Push Rod Sleeve 1957
28 Main Jet 120-4 5/16 or 120-40 1/458 Push Rod Spring 1957
29 Choke Housing Screw59 Pump Diaphragm 1957
30 Choke Housing60 Pump Diaphragm Spring 1957
31 Choke Housing Gasket61 Pump Cover
32 Dashpot Lockout Nut62 Pump Diaphragm NON 1957
33 Dashpot63 Pump Diaphragm Return Spring NON 1957
34 Dashpot Bracket64 Inlet Check Valve
35 Inlet Check Ball Screw65 Pump Push Rod *2
36 Inlet Check Ball Screw GasketK4008 Kit (non Jeep, or AMC)
37 Pump Inlet Check BallElectric Choke Conversion Kit *3
38 Pump Rod RetainerChoke Pulloff (those that have one on top of the carburetor.
39 Pump Rod
40 Pump Cover Screw

*1 – There are several idle mixture screws for the 2100. Match by overall length and thread size. All are 8-32

*2 – Not all 2100’s use this piece.

*3 – There are 2 different choke kits for the 2100. One without the spring loaded post in the middle of the thermostat housing. The other has a center spring loaded post.

Updated on 04/13/2022

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