Holley 2300 Identification

Holley 2300 2 barrel carburetor identification

Holley 2300 Identification – Where to find the Holley LIST number. The LIST number is used to match the correct carburetor parts.

There are a several carburetor kits for theĀ Holley 2300, so it is important to find the carburetor number and matching the carburetor number with one of our kits will insure you get the correct carburetor kit. Most 2300 Holley carburetors had a tag which was attached to one of the float bowl screws, Holley also did a good job of stamping the front of the tower with the carburetor number. You are looking for the LIST #. This is usually a 4 digit number, or a 5 digit number on marine carburetors. A lot of carburetors will actually have the work LIST stamped in front of the number. Also look for a designator like -A, or -AAS. This further defines the carburetor number. Most kits will be found ok with just the LIST number. You will find carburetor numbers listed as R-2345A, or something similar. In this case the LIST # is 2345. Once the LIST number is found enter it in our search box. The correct kit will be displayed.

Updated on 01/09/2021

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