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Solex 28 & 30 PICT Rebuild Tips

  • Take plenty of digital pictures as you dis assemble your carburetor. You may need to refer back.
  • Soak your carburetor parts in a suitable carburetor cleaner. Be sure to follow manufactures instructions. Some cleaners will discolor your carburetor if left too long.
  • A toothbrush works well for removing carbon deposits.
  • After soaking wash the parts with hot water if possible to get all chemical off your carburetor.
  • Bead blasting with baking soda is a good way to refresh the new look of your carburetor. Be sure to get all of the soda out as it will cake up.
  • Blow out each passageway making sure the air comes out of the other end. Especially pay a lot of attention to the smaller passages. They can easily get clogged.
  • If the bottom of the float bowl is pitted, or corroded to where you need to sand blast it, then you probably need to find another carburetor as there will be pitting in the small passages you can’t get to.
  • Test your float by heating up water just prior to boiling. Immerse the float and look for any tiny bubbles which would indicate a leak.
  • Test the idle solenoid by applying 12v and listen for a click. A click indicates it is working.
  • When installing the float and float pin, move it up and down to be sure it isn’t catching.
  • Most kits will have multiple same gaskets in order to fit more carburetor number. The best fitting gasket doesn’t expose the float bowl to outside air. All holes that actually go through is not covered up. Some carburetor holes are casting holes and may dead end.
Updated on 04/04/2021

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