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Rochester 2 Jet Troubleshooting (pg2)

My Accelerator Pump Well is Dented?

2 Jet Accelerator Pump Well
The dent in the 2 jet is normal

Why Does My Engine Die When Turning Corners?

Most likely gas is spilling over from the float bowl into the intake manifold.

This could be caused by a warped carburetor bowl, or top, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a 2 jet warped. The screw pattern on this carburetor is pretty good and not prone to warping.

Another possible cause is the bowl gasket. It could be the wrong gasket, torn, or perhaps it has been removed so many times it is crushed down. Look closely to see if the gasket is exposing the bore to the float bowl. Replacing the gasket may take care of the problem. There are several gaskets for this carburetor. You need to match one of these to your old gasket.

An off chance is the float level is off enough to allow too much gas into the bowl. Since you are going to remove the top, check the float level.

Car Dies if RPM gets under 1400.

  • Check for vacuum leaks around the mounting and at the throttle body to bowl. Keep in mind that there is one 2 jet that purposely leaks vacuum. See this page.
  • To eliminate the accelerator pump turn off engine, look down throat, pump the gas once. You should see one squirt of gas. If not then look at the accelerator circuit.
  • A good possibility is the idle circuit. Blow through each passage with carburetor cleaner to see if it goes all the way through.
  • Remove the idle mixture screw and while holding the small holes in the bore closed blow up through the idle passage.
  • Check the venturi gasket to make sure it is flat. They sometimes need trimming.
  • Make sure each small hole in the venturi is clear and you can blow through them. 2 of those holes are low speed jets.
  • After warmed up, the choke valve should be open.
  • If you see black smoke coming out of the tailpipe then you are too rich and probably flooding out the intake at low speeds. Might be float level, float leaking, or most likely a leaky needle & seat.
  • Take the carburetor off and with the carburetor upside down see if you can blow through the fuel inlet. You should not be able to blow through (without blowing very hard).

What Does The Port in The Back Of The 2 Jet For?

This is for adjusting the power jet, but it can only be done in factory and you should leave it alone. If you mistakenly removed it, turn in the screw until seated then turn out 2 1/2 turns.

2 Jet Power Valve
2 Jet Power Valve Adjustment
2 Jet Carburetor Kits
2 Jet Pump Adjustment
Hard Starting
2 Jet Rebuild
Updated on 03/21/2022

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